“Assuming that the honor of having been the seat of the scientific revolution can rightfully belong to a single place, this honor should be recognized in Padua.”

H. Butterfield

In both small and large events, logistics is the aspect that requires more attention and energy since there are numerous and often unpredictable variables involved.

Good organization, trained staff and proven experience in the management of even large events is the trump card for managing the daily movements of the participants.

We interface perfectly with the organizational secretariats and, if necessary, we can manage the entire travel logistics independently.

Our affiliation to the provincial DMO also allows us to propose together, with a network of qualified MICE operators, a series of experiences to enrich and make the event unique by organizing curtain-raisers, aperitifs and refreshments in historical locations, river navigation, thematic itineraries to discover and appreciate the territory hosting the event, as well as offering advice, presentations and pre-event fact-finding visits.